Friday, November 9, 2012


Above: fast river
Above:  Need help vid

Above:  Stressed out

Above:  French Broad after rain

I just had Generation 4 satellite installed tonight and I wanted to see if and how long it would take to post a video.  Generation 4 is a vast improvement over the old 9000  series Hughes satellite system.  It's almost as fast as cable.  Well, it works quite satisfactorily.  The movie clips are nonsense and mean nothing.  But, now I know, at least, I can post them I should remove them but, maybe someone will get a kick out of one of them.

I'm heading up to Beech Creek in the morning for a canoe paddle and to get a GPS coordinates on a new bald eagle nest on the Holston River shoreline.  Then my plans are to rush home in the afternoon and take the Gheenoe to Douglas Lake to re-visit the spot where I photographed the bald eagle, C 2, and get GPS coordinates from that sighting.  (C 2 eagle and his story is in the preceding post) Then I'll try to run C 2 down with the remaining afternoon light to photograph him again.    So, tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me.  Please check back and find out what happened.  I lead such a mundane, boring life.  Makes me wish I had a TV set.  Wouldn't wish this miserable, sorry existence on anyone.  I'll deal with it though - somehow.  sigh!