Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Its been a few days since I've posted anything on here  and I thought I'd better do so or everyone might think I've drowned or something.  Actually I've been really busy with this property and other personal things and haven't had much time to do any of the really fun stuff I love.  The biggest project is to move all the pines, butterfly bushes and roses that line the little hill that borders the property.  I'm installing a 125 foot privacy fence next spring and it goes right where those plants reside.  I have all the pines moved but now must wait until the bushes and roses go dormant before transplanting them.  Hope I can wait.  I hate neighbors.
So, today I decided to just spend time on me and headed for the Holston River at Rogersville, the only decent piece of water this side of Greenback, where I used to live.  The whole attitude changes when I get on that water and I instantly shed a lot of issues from my mind.  What a peaceful place!
I headed upstream to see if I could spot an otter or a beaver and found an otter slide far up the river where I wouldn't have expected to find it.   I pulled under some overhanging trees that lined the shoreline and killed the motor.  What a great shady spot to watch that slide.  Actually at  over 90 degrees I doubted I'd see anything, but it was fun thinking I might.

The sun created a dusky shade of green back under the trees as it tried to penetrate the foliage and I shared this hidden place with other creatures who tried to hide from the hot sun.  Mysterious!

Below is the view I had from this little refuge from the world:

My eyes grew heavy and I decided to head back downstream to check for eagles.  This end of the river was asleep.  The time is about 4 PM and it is overcast which is just about the time the bald eagles like to perch on the wood that is lodged in the center of the river.  I've watched these great beings for a couple years and they are creatures of habit, as I've found.
I have no idea what that barrel was used for but it appeared to be some sort of trap and I sunk it in deep water.  Oh, the human mind!!
Fortunately it was so hot and so humid that not one fishing boat was on the river and that situation allowed enough peace and quiet to bring the eagles to the old snag in the center of the river.

Mom and Dad were with one of the youngsters while the second youngster was screaming his lungs out back on the mountain side.  I've seen this before and makes me wonder if the adults train only one youngster at a time.  Interesting.
Dad flew off toward the mountain side, no doubt to be with the second baby eagle, leaving Mom alone with this baby.

 These eagle shots are very similar with the differences mostly in the eagle's expression or poise.  There are subtle changes in positioning that warrant posting.  There's a lot of shots so just look at what you wish and move along.  My intention is not to bore but to present these marvelous creatures I love in unique ways.
Notice above that Junior has taken notice of me and Mom could care less.  I think this is because the adults are used to boats and the baby has probably never seen one, or has and is disturbed by them.  My engine is off and I'm letting the current slowly drift me toward them.
I think he's going to be a terror when he grows up.

 Junior finally flew off toward the mountain to join his Dad and sibling.
I wished I was in front of them instead of behind as the launches are missed from back here.  There's nothing more  inspiring than to capture an eagle launching from a perch and coming directly toward you.  There'll be other times.  This leaves just Mom and me and the Gheenoe drifted slowly toward her.

OK, its time to lay down on the deck and support the camera on my knees so I can get some good shots for a change.  You wouldn't believe how discombobulated and distorted I am when I took the following shots.  You should see a bit more clarity in these shots.  The boat has drifted to a position that places the sun to my left and eliminated harsh, reflected light from the water.  We'll see below:
 She almost has an endearing look in the shot below:

And finally it was time to say goodbye.  I could hear the great wings slicing through the air as she gathered air beneath her wings.
 I would have liked to have been positioned in front to catch this launch.  What a shot that would have been!

And, that's all I've got.  Thanks for looking in.......