Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Early yesterday morning promised rain and I was really up for it.  Drizzle fell as I made the rotation ride around my assigned area on Douglas Lake.  I was actually enjoying my morning on this mud hole for a change.  One thing I noticed was the differences in the color of the foliage.  It was screaming Fall.
I never thought about how far along the summer was, but summers seem to pass quicker and quicker with each year.  I've been planting shrubs and flowers at home on a daily basis and I had better heed the time of year it is and probably stop that process.  Its getting late to plant.
But for now I'll just continue around this lake and enjoy the solitude of the drizzly morning.  I'm very alone out here this morning.

There are a few social members out here with me enjoying this break of day - the kind of social critters who are welcome.

A sinister looking green heron lurks along the wet logs and sandy beech close to the water in search of breakfast.

 Don't let those gangly legs fool you.  He's stealthy and lightning quick with a deadly aim of the beak that rarely missis its target. 

He possesses a face, however, that only a mother could love.

I think it will be an early Fall.

An osprey appears to be painted on an artist's canvas

Looks like a storm is working its way to the lake and I better git.  
I'm posting this now, the following morning, and the sky is very dark and cloudy making the uploading of pictures difficult so I'll cut this entry short.  Thanks for looking in.  If you can avoid getting satellite internet - do so at all costs.  Its useless.