Sunday, August 24, 2014


I keep saying that Fall is coming early but the temperatures don't agree.  Its been over 90 degrees in East Tennessee for over two weeks solid but the leaves seem to be turning for some reason.
I've been seeing green herons all over the place lately and have had some opportunities to photograph them.
 The shot above appears somewhat prehistoric

The green heron can be found on all the lakes in Tennessee as well as any small pond or puddle.  They adapt well to any water source.

 These little herons are stealthy and can sneak up on insects, frogs, cicadas, and any other water related critters without a sound.
 These birds spear their prey much of the time as well as capturing it in their beak.  The neck can be extended further than half the bird's length.  There are other entries with green herons that I've posted over the years that will go into their idiosyncrasies in more detail.

 Things sure are pretty in early morning, especially when its raining.
The shots from here on down the page were taken this morning on Douglas Lake above the Leadvale boat ramp.

A group of white tails gathered in a cut field near the lake.  There is one really beautiful buck that appeared a moment later.
 There seems to be a lot of fawns this season for some reason.  The little fellow above has spots as does a couple others in this group.

Then something spooked them.

 The baby is so cute!  

The water level in Douglas Lake is dropping rapidly.  I think TVA is lowering the level earlier this year than ever before for some reason.  I think there is a lack of rain fall to replace the water that is removed to make hydroelectric power.  The bottom line is that I can't take the boat all the way up river to the Rankin Flood Plain.  Its too shallow.
 There isn't a lot going on at the lake but I wanted to keep the posts up - hence the average fare as relates to photographs.  This bird is starting to molt.  Notice the errant feather on its back.
 I'll soon be up on the river and mixing with the critters there.  As for now - its too hot for critters to be out during the day so its pointless to undertake river exploration with wildlife photography as the purpose until the temps drop a bit and the sky clouds up.
Life is good - real good!