Sunday, November 23, 2014


Its been awhile since I've posted anything on the blog and that is because of a couple reasons.  One reason is that I've been talked into giving Face Book another try and the results of that are that I am enjoying it.  The second reason for letting the blog sit for awhile is that I'm running out of new, interesting photographic material to work with.  There is only so much one can do with pasture fields and farms when a 500 mm lens is the foundation of the photographic ensemble.  A macro lens would open up new vistas but I don't have a real macro lens.  
We all know I sold the Gheenoe and am now without a boat and that limits my ability to seek adventure and wildlife photographic opportunities.  Well, fear not.  I will have another boat shortly.  Actually, I'll have two boats shortly.
I bought a new Lowe jon boat  when I lived in Pennsylvania and used it to bass fish for one year and then sold it to a good friend who, for all intents and purposes, put it in storage.  I think it was used a couple times since he had it.  Garage kept and really taken care of.
I called my friend and asked him if he'd be willing to sell the boat back to me and he said he would.  Hooray!  That's the first boat I ever owned and I'm getting it back.  Can't wait.

I don't have a good picture of the boat but trust me when I say it is as new.  My friend keeps his thing pristine.  So, the adventures will continue this spring.  Actually they will start in a month or two as I am journeying to Pennsylvania to get the boat the first week of December.  This means I will have access to all my favorite wild critters once more and will be posting some, hopefully great wildlife shots very soon.  Lake camping will be emphasized next summer also.  I'm excited.

I love taking these abstract shots but my heart lies with the wildlife photos and I know I have folks that look in on the blog expecting to find wildlife scenarios and I aim to please. 
 And, don't forget this little sweetheart.   Its a 1955 Crestliner  I intend to use on sunny days travelling up Ft. Loudon Reservoir to Knoxville for lunch down town at a favorite restaurant.  Yes, the river passes through town and there is a dock and boardwalk that makes restaurants accessible.  Its really neat to grab a sandwich and be able to watch the boat tied to the dock outside.
The Crestliner is getting a trailer rebuild right now but should come on line shortly.  I need to polish the aluminum to chrome brilliance and repaint the blue trim areas on the sides.  The rest is perfect.
I have to think on all this for awhile.  Its going to be a great summer - a really great one!