Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Most all of the shots that follow have been posted to Face Book so if you look in there under my name you'll see them.  There may be a few differences.  The pictures here were taken near the Cherokee Lake Tailrace (Holston River) and should give you an idea what the countryside looks like.  It is rustic near the river but not so ten miles away.

The image above is of two very old bridge supports standing in shallow water created by lack of power generation.  It just looked rustic to me so I shot it. 
 The more expansive water shots below are of the tailrace itself.  Warm sun permitted the reflective colors of landscape and water to be captured in with the lens.
I replaced the big 500 mm lens with a 70-300 mm telephoto so I could take advantage of wider angel captures.  The 500 mm will go back on that camera when I put the boat in the water.
 I'm not very experienced with scenic pictures as I set up my camera with wildlife in mind.   I find the scenic shots interesting in that I'm able to see really potentially great shots in otherwise mundane, average topography.  Lucky I guess.  I do what I can do.

 Streams and creeks are favorite places I like to photograph, probably due to the fact I fly fished creeks all my life back in Pennsylvania.
I don't consider myself much of a scenic photographer and not much better of a wildlife photographer but it sure is fun - all of it.  Now, if you want to see some extravagant scenic photographs - click on Face Book and search out Clarissa Sharp.  Her photos are sensational!  We go to the wild places together at times and I must say she has an eye for a photo capture.
 I miss having a boat and will rectify that very quickly.  I'm driving to Pennsylvania to buy my first motor boat back.  It is a Lowe 1999 jon boat with a 9.9 Mercury tiller engine.  This will get me back into the shallow, narrow parts of the lakes where the critters dwell.  I do enjoy this landscape photography but I really interface better with wildlife.  I guess its called diversification.