Monday, February 16, 2015


I photographed the falls at the Amis House in Rogersville, TN a couple months ago and decided to return this morning to do a follow up photo session at the falls.  
I couldn't sleep last night and was up at 3 AM today, showered and took off for Rogersville.  Ms Sharp, my photographic pardner, went along.  She is really good with a camera and a blast to travel and work with.
It was zero degrees when the sun came up at The Amis House and there was a mist of half rain and half snow falling on the windshield of the car.  We set off for the stream and the falls.

I wanted to work with a tripod this morning to try and get that soft, feathery, cotton look to the water.  My finger tips were already getting cold and I didn't even have the tripod and camera set up for the first shots.  Wow!
 I thought about what I wanted the shots to look like while driving up here today and I think I achieved the desired results.  I like soft looking water and rocks with tendrils of water that resemble strands of cotton that have a touch of cream color.  I'm satisfied with the results.

 So, there it is.  A beautiful waterfall captured in a soft mood with beautiful, wispy tendrils of cottony water flowing everywhere.  My finger tips were so cold I couldn't feel the shutter button on the camera let alone adjust that aluminum tripod.  I headed for the truck.
These pictures and others are posted on my Face Book page along with other shots from previous albums.  I invite you to look in on them.  Also, my good friend and very accomplished photographer, Clarissa Sharp, also has many of her photographs posted on Face Book.  Please check out her fantastic work. We both do rustic, scenic and wildlife photography.  Hope you enjoy it.