Thursday, February 12, 2015


The title to this blog is a long one but that's what this entry is all about.  Its really a photograph gallery I guess.  I've been neglecting my blog duties since discovering Face Book and that's not a good thing.  I've posted all the shots in this entry on Face Book since December 2014 and there are many more photographs that I may do a second post with.  It depends if you like these or not.
The picture above is of the small creek and surrounding landscape that comprise the name of the place which is "Mossy Creek".
The photographs above are indicative of the beauty of the place.  The downside is that Mossy Creek is a very small area probably no more than a hundred acres and it borders the north side of Jefferson City.  It is a jewel and the only place for miles that allows Jefferson City to be slightly tolerable. 
 There will also be a few birds posted just to keep some life on the page.  The mockingbird and the winter wren are favorites.
And then we have the creative photography part.  I've found that individual pieces of the past - parts or items removed from some historical item such as a barn, house, car, truck are photographic items that have impact and if I can capture their charm and grace just right, maybe someone who views my work can remember seeing the photographed feature that is before their eyes and, just maybe I can make the corners of their mouths raise just a little bit.  A full smile is too much to ask for.  That being said, look for doors and windows along with charming old buildings that have been forgotten along with the folks that built them..  These are only a portion of the photographs I've taken since December 2014 and there may be a follow up post to this one.  I hope you enjoy the hodgepodge of pictures:


Below is a body feather from a Cardinal

 The following three pictures are of a wood that is petrified.  The lines and depressions in these wooden relics are amazing.  Look closely and you can see the lines of age on the smooth brown parts.

 This last piece of hard, aged wood contains remarkable coloration.  

I believe I'll go ahead and upload some old buildings and possibly some more antique windows and doors.  The satellite internet seems to be holding out and this would be a good opportunity to upload.  Here goes--

 Now, just where did that tree get the soil and nutriments, water and sunlight to grow out of those bricks?

The next few shots are early morning on Mossy Creek.  I really like these few shots.

 Douglas Lake -- above and below:

I believe I better cut this post off right here.  It is enormous and will no doubt bore some folks.  So, this is what I've been doing since January 1, 2015.