Friday, May 8, 2015


Things are starting to really happen in the flower garden which used to be my yard.  The wisteria I planted this year is going crazy as well as the vinca and jasmine.
Above is a wild rose that was planted in the garden.  It was a tiny thing last year and look at it now.  I have trellises installed at the center of the mass and its outgrowing them but I don't care.  I want it to run naturally where it wants.  
Wisteria is one of my favorites.  I realize that it can be invasive but I don't care.  I planted three tiny plants and they are thriving and growing.  

The aforementioned plants are healthy and growing like crazy. I love it.  This is just a sample of what is in that garden.  Actually its a habitat for plants as I've put down proper composted soil at the time of planting for each plant.  This is fun and I love being surrounded by all the color.  Its just starting.
 The roses are all starting to bloom and that is exciting because I've planted five more new plants this year.  Wow!
I really can't wait for the butterfly bushes to bloom.  A very new (this year) plant already has a healthy bloom on it.  I'm uncertain how it pulled that off.
Above is the first butterfly bloom.  This plant went into the ground in mid March and just look at the bloom.
Butterfly bushes are called budleaha.  There is another kind of bud out there that goes with gardening.
Above.  Flowers from the wild rose

 Shots of the walk through trellis I built two years ago.  Look at the plants crawling all over it.  This is a pleasant place to sit, watch and photograph birds or just jot a few thoughts down in the journal.

 Your chimes, Anne.....Thank you.

And the plants grow on and on.  Maybe I'll plant some bamboo.  its invasive, I know but I like the stuff.