Wednesday, May 20, 2015


 I took a photograph of the osprey at rest as my boat passed by at a distance and beneath his tree.  Little did I expect to see an advertorial conflict occur.  There was a lot of distance from me to the osprey and I wasn't sure how the quality of the photos would be affected.  The results are acceptable I guess.
 From beneath the resting osprey came another interloper at top speed and he was heading directly toward the resting bird above.  He moved swiftly and quietly.
 He made contact with loud, multiple shrieks, talons extended and appeared determined to dislodge the resident osprey.
 The bird on the bottom tried to cling to his perch but the attacking bird's weight pushed him off balance.
 The postured and screamed loudly while making daring advances on each other.
 They chased each other through the sky briefly and returned to perches all the while crying defiantly.

 Once again they closed in struggle with talons extended.  It certainly appeared to be a serious confrontation and I'm sure it was to them.  They actually made contact twice during this argument
The attacker made one final lunge downward toward the resident osprey in an attempt to intimidate him into leaving.  It didn't work.  The attacker swooped past the resting bird with great speed and rested on a limb.  They both faced off and shrieked at each other constantly.

 More intimidating action by the interloper was to no avail.  He may as well depart to find his own territory.  This place was taken and well protected.

 Finally, the unwelcome visitor departed.
 This entire event played out in less than five minutes.  Its a matter of being in the right place at the right time and not only watching but seeing.