Friday, July 24, 2015


 When I came upon this eagle he was pulling feathers out from under his wing.  If you look closely you can see plumage sticking up on the right side of his face.  I'd say he is molting right now.

 See the plumage sticking up past his beak?  He's molting and that is just an errant feather.

 He took off and flew up the shoreline ahead of me.  I'd surely run onto him again soon.
 Notice the white in the plumage.  This bald eagle is an immature that is approximately four years old, I'd guess.  Another year and all the white flecks will be gone and he will assume the colors of the adult bald eagle.
I did come upon him shortly after the first sighting, only this time he would not wait for me.

 Just look at that mighty leap into the sky!

Not fifteen minutes later yet another bald eagle appeared.  Wow!  This one was very far away and I doubted I could successfully get him.  But that 7D Canon did the trick.
 This bald eagle is an adult with full colors.  There are no flecks in his plumage.  He's over 5 years old for sure.

Its amazing what one can see just cruising up a shoreline.
Then I noticed some red color moving on the shoreline back in a cove.
 He is a pileated woodpecker. Actually, there are two of them and they are chordeling back and forth constantly.  I killed the engine for this episode.   I have never heard a pileated woodpecker talk.

 What a marvelous bird!

I couldn't pass up this cormorant.  He did everything but jump into the camera.
And that's it for this adventursome post.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Thanks for being here.

Oh, and I came across these two little darlins while cruising up the coast.  Both are beauties!!