Tuesday, July 21, 2015


And here's hopefully a beautiful story, depending on if you are the reader or the participant.
I stopped the truck at the edge of the river, opened the door and stepped out, tilted my head back and gazed at the blue sky above. It would be a pretty day. The sound of water rolling over rocks and against shoreline was mesmerizing; tranquility may be a more appropriate term. This part of the woods was far away from the highway where quiet was the norm and silence allowed wild critters to act out their daily lives as nature intended without constant fear caused by loud engines and noise associated with human progress.
I walked to the water’s edge and dropped a thermometer into the water to determine the temperature. Just then I noticed a beautiful Monarch Butterfly, prettier than any I had ever seen, flit past my face. I looked after it’s passing but could not find it. I documented my findings and walked back toward the truck. This place was known as Indian Cave and was known as an important historic spot in Granger County. I tossed the thermometer and clip board into the passenger’s seat and started to walk around the front to the driver’s side when that same, gorgeous butterfly I’d seen earlier flitted ungracefully in front of my face. I thought I heard someone talking but thought better of it, sat down in the driver’s seat and prepared to start the engine when the butterfly passed close by my face again and alighted upon the window sill. I stared at it in disbelief. And then it spoke to me. Yes – yes indeed, it spoke to me. It said,
“I’ve watched you for the past few months and I’ve noticed how you interact with my good friends who live on the hillside just up over that hill.”
“Wait,” I said. “What is happening here? Am I to understand that a butterfly is talking to me?”
The butterfly replied, “Yes – is that so surprising?”
“Of course it’s surprising,” I replied.
She then said, “Of course – how foolish of me. Close your eyes and count to ten and I will present myself to you in a more natural fashion”.
I counted to ten and opened my eyes and a beautiful woman was sitting beside me. “Where did you come from,” I asked.
“I am one of nature’s children and I’ve come upon some difficult times due to a situation I care not to discuss. My only desire is to seek shelter until I can gather my wits.”
“Fair lady, you are welcome to stay with me until you can unravel your problem s and discover answers satisfactory to your wellbeing. Would you care to partake of my offer? It is made with the most honorable intention.”
The butterfly lady enhanced my life immeasurably making each day a joy that I’d not known here to fore. She resided in my, our, home and it was a joy to awaken and go down stairs to put coffee on and ask if she was awake and would she like to go to breakfast? She didn’t change to butterfly form in the past year but remained a beautiful woman.
The days were exciting as we experienced the country sides of East Tennessee, enjoying all that nature had to offer. We discussed things natural and dared to explore the unknown of our senses. Life was wonderful. She was my best friend and I hers. Week after week and month after month we shared mornings and evenings our likes and dislikes the same. We were compatibly perfect together.
Then, one morning I went downstairs where she was sleeping on the sofa and asked if she wanted to go to breakfast. She transformed into a beautiful monarch butterfly and back again in a heartbeat. I blinked my eyes in amazement and tried to remember what I was dealing with.
She said, “I’ve stayed too long. I should have gone long ago.”
“What”, I said. “What are you saying?”
Then she became the beautiful butterfly again – the same vision I remembered down at the stream on that special morning.
Then she said, “I’ve stayed with you because I wanted to be loved. You provided safety, warmth in winter and a cool haven in the heat of summer. But, I require more and I’ve given you every opportunity to summon up that feeling and bestow it upon me. I feel it does not exist and therefore I think it time I leave”.
“No, No – Of course I love you and I want you to stay. Forgive my feeble attempts at emotion.”
“My sweet sir, emotion requires no attempts. Love is a heartfelt emotion. I admire your endeavor to hold me in your keep, but it is time I go and seek my heart’s dream. It is not here with you sir.”  I am sorry.  Our season in the sun was sweet, but must be ended. She turned her back to me and opened her transparent white wings and lifted off the floor and slowly moved toward the open window where she hesitated, turned toward me and said, “I’ll always love you and I’ll always hold you in my heart, and I’m sorry I cannot be what you wish but, I’ll not ever forget you and I’ll always be there for you if you need. Goodbye sir and thank you for your kindness and love. She turned her back to me and silently moved outside and arose up toward the sun. I watched as her form diminished into a streak of golden light and finally disappeared. And my loss is immeasurable.