Thursday, September 24, 2015


It isn't a big deal but I was cruising up the shoreline of the Holston River when I noticed a bald eagle plunging into the water far, far out in front of me.  It was impossible to get any kind of shot with even the 500mm lens.  But I watched him as he flew across the wide river to the opposite shore, turn and flew to the center of the river where he assumed a course that would allow him to pass "sort of" near to my boat.  I got the camera ready just in case.
 The sky was cloudy but a ray of sunlight pierced through and that eagle flew right through it.  I wish I were closer for that picture.  See following Pic:  Look closely at the upper right hand corner of the shot below.  A second bald eagle that I had not noticed was following behind.  I mean Wow!
 On and on he came - closer and closer.
The second eagle is still behind but I made no effort to capture the shots that would have included him as I didn't know at the time he was even there.
 Then he saw the boat and veered off to my right but kept flying upstream
 I got him as he passed by.  Could have used a bit faster shutter speed though.  Things happen fast.  I'd say this eagle is around 4 years of age as he has most of his white plumage but he is flecked with white on his face and tail.  
 See the shot below where the white flecks are present and also the shaded area on his face and tail feathers.  Hes almost adult and almost immature.  Humm - never thought about that.  What do you call an eagle at this stage in transition from youngster to adult?

 I did some quick shutter button pushing on these shots.  I'm amazed I even got him in the viewfinder.  He is still very far away to my right side.  He flew to a distance away to my right side where he felt comfortable passing on upstream.

 His face isn't completely white yet.  He has a ways to go.

 The second eagle flew low near the trees and then swooped up behind the first eagle.  Certainly is no photographic quality in these shots against the green foliage as the camera was set for sky.  No big deal.  Captured the moment anyhow.
 Its follow the leader in the shot immediately following:  Actually they both are immature eagles.  Possibly the male has found a potential mate in the second eagle.  Who knows?  He will have a mate by December I bet.

And then they were gone

  And the water became a lonly place without them