Monday, October 26, 2015


I can't believe I've been so lax posting on this blog.  I thought most of the readers would have left me by now.  Face Book has been getting my attention over the past months but I think I need to focus on the place I originally started posting photos and writing stories.  I thought I would post some osprey and bald eagle pictures I've taken over the past few months.  If you follow my albums on Face Book you probably saw these previous to this post. If not then, I hope you like the photos.
A mysterious early morning on Douglas Lake leads to some great raptor photography.  Some days it just happens.

 "Go ahead - make my day".


 He came out of the shadows

And then there was the morning I saw a multitude of juvenile bald eagles on the shoreline.  Amazing!


The shots below are eagles in flight.  Some days they just won't wait for me in the trees and are unpredictable.  Thats what makes wildlife photography so exciting.

 It's impossible to make every shot a masterpiece but, every shot documents a memory of the day I saw the eagles.