Wednesday, October 28, 2015


It was pouring rain this morning at sun up but I headed for the lake anyway with the boat.  Maybe it would quit raining soon.  I pulled into an empty parking lot and realized I was the only one in the vicinity of this lake.  I launched the boat and headed for the islands mid lake.  And, there he was.
He sat there in the pouring rain exposed to the elements and appeared as comfortable as if in a recliner.  I knew he wouldn't tolerate the big engine on this boat so I acted as if I didn't see him and motored on by.  He would not have any of it and left his perch.
 She was a magnificent bald eagle.  I say she because the females are larger and this eagle was huge.  I am forever amazed at their wing span.  Look at that magnificent eagle below.  What wings!  What power!!

 Occasionally the clouds would open up and the sun's rays would strike the colored trees on the islands illuminating their colored outlines against the sky.
 The colors were present but not bright due to the inability of the sun to penetrate through the dark clouds.  And then more rain began to fall.  Its time to exit stage left.
I can't wait until the closing on the new property I'm moving too.  It is a slow process, this selling and buying of property.  This 33 acre farm I'm acquiring is a dream I never felt would come true.  But, its happening.  I will miss my little colorful yard that I'm put so much work into.  The fall colors are showing even in that tiny green world I call yard.  I'll miss it.  But that's what cameras are for.  Memories.


 Guess there were lots of memories here over the past couple years.  Some were pure bliss and some difficult to handle but memories all the same.