Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I didn't mean to poke fun at war in the last blog entry below. I meant that entry to portray my idea of leaving the social climate entirely for a while and forget that I am a member of the human race occassionally. At times I am ashamed to be one of those things called human. It seems humans just can't get along with nature, animals, ecology or even themselves. Humans are unique in that way. Its amazing the planet has allowed them to exhist this long. Actually I think Mother Nature is letting us humans think we have it all figured out. Then she will drop the hammer to show us who's really the boss. Guess its because the human brain is so much better than the animal brain. I mean, animals can't canive and be deceitful to their fellow animals. They simply march along to the drum beat of nature. How boring! Humans on the other hand have the ability to destroy anything they want to and even themselves. Why, they even have a God they can blame it all on. War; "its Gods way of trying to accomplish something". Don't try to figure it out cause God moves in mysterious ways. Animals on the other hand simply die and are absorbed back into the natural flow of things. Humans refuse to accept death. They seem to cling tenatiously to life, even after death. They even have to be cut open and filled with fluids to preserve them forever. Seems they can't accept death. They just won't let go. Embalming fluid is the last maneuver to maintain the stay on earth. Oh, humans are capable of doing good things. They make efforts to get along and preserve nature. That is until the almighty dollar presents itself on the scene. Then its ok to clear cut that five hundred acres, or shoot the beaver and drain that wet land for the housing project. Why I even heard that humans will take property from fellow humans by force in the name of "its for the good of the community". Wonder if the dollar is involved in that? Animals just try to co exist with humans. They are always the losers in any battle for habitat because those battles are dollar driven. Animals have no need for dollars so they simply move on. Getting difficult for animals to move on anymore. The dollar has been on both sides of the stream and both sides of the forest. Move on to where. Guess the animals will just have to go-----------somewhere else. Ya, humans come in all forms. Theres the haves and the have nots and the wannabes and the can't be's. Then you have the rich and the poor and the successes and the failures, the religious and the athiest and even a kind of person who can't quite figure anything out for sure called a agnostic. Why, hell, there have been more people killed and maimed on this planet over religion than for any other reason. Humans are greed oriented. They want and take. The have nots want and the haves want more. It will never end. One thing is for certain. Religious or not. Thief or sumaritan. Rich or poor. We are all going to die. Every last one. Why do we rush the occurrance? Why do we struggle so hard to kill one and other. Why, when there is so many things to live for and learn? Breath deep the fresh air faned off the lake and feel the air change from hot to cool as evening approaches, drink in the sunset and cherish the sunrise and behold the innocent creatures that can be seen all about ....learn from them. Are we so much smarter? Well, are we??? At any rate, I am just rambling. I do that sometimes.