Friday, July 6, 2007


All ahead full! Hanging on at 50 mph. Nothing to fear. Douglas is here. 1st mate.
I was thinking. Dogs come into this world innocent and arrive with all the good attributes and virtues that humans strive for. They really do. Affection, dedication and the will to please and satisify are but a few attributes. But they are kicked, shot at, shoved aside and used in experiments. They are tied to poles for their entire lives. There could be nothing more tortuous to a dog than to be tied for an entire life time to a pole and given a wooden box to sleep in. They seek affection and interaction with their human pack leaders. They want to please. They want to run and jump and enjoy their existence. Instead, they are tied. Tethered to an object that is unyielding. Every second of every minute of every hour of their lives is lived looking at the same tree, same bare earth in front of the dog house, same fence, and same routine of a human sitting down the dry dog food. Then the aloneness. Once in a while a child will approach close and someone says " don't get too close to the dog". And he's alone again. I get physically ill when I see a dog chained. It would be more humane if it were ----------well, I won't go there.
Who could drive out into the wilderness far from anyone and shove this gorgeous animal out the car door? Shade is the most loving dog I have ever seen. She sits against me in the truck, leaning against me with force seemingly to silently say, "please don't leave me". She stares at my face with unblinking eyes as if to try to get a read on my thoughts. Her left paw is always thrown over my thigh and her muzzle rests on my knee precariously close to the steering wheel. She will not allow me to shove her off to the right, away from me. She clings to my every movement. That is dedication! Douglas, on the other hand, stands at the window with his head in the wind, drinking in all the smells, oblivious as to what I'm doing. He is a free spirit. He is loyal, loving and sweet but he is more self reliant than other dogs. Shade is apprehensive and at times fearful of her surroundings. She was afraid of the boat. Constant coaxing was necessary to get her in. Only after two hours of operation on the lake would she approach the bow on deck with Douglas. But finally she made it. Then we hit the beach. And happiness was felt by all.....
Dedicated and Loyal
Race ya to the beach
Shade is really displaying happiness. Had I not been in the right place at the right time, she would surely be dead by now. I am grateful I was there for her.
Happy, Fetch! She's swimming in ten feet of tater about forty feet out from shore. What a little dog!
A swimming terrier. What next? Flying cows!
Happy attacks again. The stick is hers.
is oblivious to size in her adversary.
Neither Douglas or Shade are allowed to return to the beach with their stick without Happy attacking and stealing the treasure.
Go Shade!
Here are three very active, happy dogs. No dog has it better on this planet than these guys.
Shade, Douglas and Happy. Happy's sort of under water in this shot.
Shade is with the program. She has acclimated to Douglas and his dominance and is enjoying herself.
Hey dad; when we gonna get off this boat and have some fun?
Nope! I ain't going up there on the bow. Nope. I'm staying right here.
Wish I could go back there with the master. He keeps trying to make me go up front with Douglas. What to do?
Hum!, Should I go up there with him or stay here out of the way? Looks like it might be fun there.
It isn't so bad up here after all. Breezy!
Ah; feeling better about the boat. And Douglas will not budge and inch. He is master of the bow.
Now she's fully acclimated to the boat and at home.