Monday, July 2, 2007


Much has happened since my last entry in this blog. My computer crashed and I had to replace the hard drive. That little problem set me back weeks. I lost all my photos and ability to process digital images. Its fixed now. I have a ride planned for the Blue Ridge Parkway over the Fourth of July. It will be just an overnight er but should prove interesting. Later on in the month I shall be riding to Pennsylvania on Yellow. I will use the Blue Ridge Parkway either for the return trip or the trip up to PA. In the meantime, I am keeping the dogs busy and active. Their antics are very enjoyable to me. There is always something different to observe. The main thing is that they want to please me. They really do! I'm proud of them. Douglas is beautiful and number one. He receives primary consideration from me in all things.
These guys are cooling off and having a great time in the water. It must feel great to them after waiting in the heat of day for me to come home. They all fix their eyes on me when I pull in from work. They're expectations are high. They want to go. They don't care where. They just want to go with me somewhere.
Happy is a little trickster. She swims as well as any water dog, Lab or Golden, and she is fast and quick to snatch the stick away from the larger dogs.
Shade has come a long way since she wondered up to the boat half starved. Douglas exhibited dominance toward her and I didn't think he would warm up to her. She is a loving animal who insists on being my shadow. No, I can't let her go. She's in the family now.