Wednesday, October 10, 2007


He stands waiting. His owners and friends have left him out up here on the Cherohala Skyway. They simply pulled over , removed his collar, opened the car door and left him out. Then they pulled away and left him. He patiently waits for his humans to return. But they won't. He will stay at this roadside pull off until hunger drives him to a different area to find food. But there won't be any. He will either starve of be hit by a passing vehicle. Aren't people great! I attempted to gain his trust for an hour. He would not come to me. I was on the motorcycle but all the time I was trying to get close to him, I was devising a way to hold him and drive the bike. I had it all figured out too. My riding pants and my belt and jacket combination and we would be off to my place and safety. But he would not have any of it. His best chance is that a loving soul will stop and pick him up and care for him. But his prognosis is dim. Dear friends; if you are considering taking a dog into your home and life; please know that it is a life long endeavor. Dogs are loving and precious. They are devoted to that special human. It's great to make that little boy or girl happy with a puppy. But that little puppy will grow up. Please be sure he will remain a welcome addition to your life and home. This little dog followed my bike down the road. I turned around and he ran. I stopped for one more picture of him sitting and watching me. He did not trust me. I watched him in my rear view mirror to see if he would follow again. He didn't. I rounded a corner and he was gone. He will wait for the human to return that he trusts. A dog's love and trust for his special human is all encompassing and can not be broken---------------no matter how misplaced it is.