Saturday, October 27, 2007


If you've been following along in this blog; you know that I adopted Shade, the Black Lab, to a family East of here. After she left I felt terrible. Read the articles a couple entries below. I got a call early this week from Shade's new home and they indicated to me that Shade wasn't working out due to reasons I won't go into here. They are fine folks and it had nothing to do with that at all. So Shade is back with Douglas, Happy, Sigh and me. The team is once again complete. I have been working for seven strait days and today, Saturday, I loaded up the guys and drove to the Ruins.'' I am really blessed to have these dog friends. They are beautiful to watch and amazing to observe how they play and "work" together. Douglas and Shade swim as one. They are happiest in the water. On land, Douglas is the dominant figure, but in the water they share freedom and are equals. I threw the heavy stick into the water over and over. Douglas and the Shady Lady would race for it. Then they would share the stick for the return swim to the shore. That's usually when Happy would appear to steal the stick from them. These two dogs are similar in the water but at the same time very different in their application of power and speed. "They both are extremely powerful!" Douglas is all grace. He bounds effortlessly through the shallows and seems to automatically float. His body appears to make no movement when swimming. His golden hair is gorgeous when wet. He glides about as if propelled by some silent engine beneath the water's surface. Shade, however, smashes through the shallow water, leaping as if jumping over log after log until she crashes into the deeper water. She does everything in some spectacular fashion. Once swimming, she assumes that gorgeous form that only Black Lab's can have. She is a black onyx of silent movement. Her head is held high above the water; her powerful legs and feet push her muscular, shiny black body through a liquid mirror. These two friends are pure pleasure to be with. They are so happy! It's plain to see it. Their faces show it. Their eyes come alive when the truck reaches the ruins. They are what they are, they are pure. They are innocent. They are joy. And they have asked that I care for them. I'm honored by that. Let me introduce or reintroduce you to the dog portion of my family. This is very old gentle Sigh. Everyone is a rescue dog. This is the main man! Douglas is my boy! Shade aka Shady Lady Happy Gorgeous! Elegance in motion Happy's on the scene The stick thief appeareth.... All they ask of me is to gently hold their muzzle 's in the palm of my hand and say a soft word or two and touch their heads with my finger tips. And they give me all this joy! Teem Work The Shady Lady Nothing gentle about entering the water