Monday, October 29, 2007


Shade! "Where is that dog?" "Happy; get away!" "Good Boy Douglas". I brought my kids down here to the ruins for a morning romp. I needed to rest up after a vigerous motorcycle ride with Kevin yesterday. We rode three hundred miles in the country side that lies North and West of Oakridge, Tennessee. After about two hours into the ride we took note to the fact that my rear tire was nearly bald and Kevin's battery in his BMW was almost stone dead. After a carefull evaluation of the situation we decided what the heck, and kept going without a second thought. This was not a very professional course of action for the situation but then neither of us call ourselves professional at much of anything. So why should we act responsible and professional about this? Guess you had to be there. We rode West out of Oakridge, TN toward Dale Hollow lake. The roads were specifically designed for motorcycles. Every road we took was flawlessly engineered for motorcycle tires to travel over. A couple of stops that impressed me were Dale Hollow State Park and Dam, The greatest BBQ place I have ever eaten at and the Tomkinsville Ferry. Yep, a ferry. Look at the pictures. It appears to be just a floating barge with a steel deck powered by an enclosed metal box attached to the right side. Very antiquish looking. It was free too. I love things like that. We left the ferry and drove up into Kentucky for a few miles and dropped back into TN and home. My rear tire is toast. We stopped in Oak Ridge to say good by and Kevin's bike barely started with his dead battery. It's amazing we got back at all. (Look at the BBQ place. I took pictures of the road signs for map identification. This place is absolutely the finest BarBQ in the world) It's Monday now and I'm laying on the leaves under an enormous tree watching my guys having fun. It will be another week until they can get out again and I want them to enjoy this fine Fall day. Enjoy Fall!!!!!!!! A picture from the parking lot at Dale Hollow Dam. I am always impressed by dams. They are awsome! Sometimes they are scary......Don't forget; you can click once on the pictures to get a full screen view.
This is a pretty little pull off in Dale Hollow State Park. We just pulled in for a breather. Gorgeous day!
"Hey Kevin!" "Where we going?" "Don't know Gary". "Do ya care?" "Nope!" "Why don't ya shut off your bike Kevin?"
A shore line on Dale Hollow Lake. Note the water level has dropped. A recent drop in water has been accomplished as can be seen by the still damp shoreline.
This is only one of several corners all in a row. I giggled as I pushed the bug bike through these curves. Absolutely the finest road I've been on in months. The Smokies have nothing on these North Tennessee roads. Hope the tourists don't find about all these great Northern hills
I pulled off on this corner and took some shots of Kevin as he came on around the corner. Lots of leaves on the road and an extremely short, tight curve. Kevin negotiates it in his usual professional manner.
Ok now. Drop whatever you are doing and get in the car, on the motorcycle or in the boat and drive on over to this place. You have never, ever tasted Bar-B-Q anything like this place got. Endless menue. If it can be put in you're mouth; they can Bar-B-Q it. I even photographed the road signs out in front of the building so you can find it on the map. Oh my! Mouth's watering!
Oh Boy!
And here we are on the Tomkinsville Ferry