Wednesday, November 7, 2007


CLICK THE PICTURE TO ENLARGE Douglas is limping. He sits and licks his right front paw. I rush over and he rolls onto his side extending his front legs. There is a long thorn protruding from between his pads. Carefully I grasp it and pull straight out so as not to break it off in his paw. It comes out in tact. He licks his paw once, my hand once and runs off to be with Shade and Happy. I am constantly learning about dogs. Each trip to the ruins with them brings some new piece of knowledge to the forefront about their thinking and why they do what they do. For instance. Right now Shade, Douglas and Happy are sitting with me in the grass while I "try" to read a chapter or two of Cesar Millan's book Be The Pack Leader. Actually Shade is rambling about on this grassy mound I'm sitting on. But she is here with us. She is not blasting about out of sight. As I think about this simple activity of subdued leasure, the magnitude of it strikes me. They are here with me because I am their leader. I am their commander and chief. I am the neucleus for all that they do. The ramifications go further. If this all is broken down, it equates to total loyalty, unquestioned love, complete and total gratitude to me for the life I provide for them. No, they don't think it. They express it through action. They walk the talk. Dogs react to their environment, and their humans. They don't rationalize. Sitting here with me on this grassy noll are completely dedicated, loving companions. They do not question my authority or the reasons I go where I go or do what I do. They just want to be a part of it. They are over joyed that they are included in my ramblings. I have said it before and I will say it again and again ---- I am honored to be in their presence. I hope I can give them the interesting and safe life they deserve. They have put their trust in me. Dogs are the deciples to human's. Don't forsake them. Honor them. They are the truest friends imaginable on this planet. Number one and Happy wait patiently for me to show some significant sign of movement. Shade is laying off to the right just out of camera range. They sit patiently waiting for me to get up and move off in some direction. The amazing thing is that they are "waiting" for me. It is all about me with them. I love them. A perfect match up. Well, sort of. Go Girl! It's good to have you back home Shade I guess this could be called Teamwork Go Shade!!!! There is one very happy dog. Shade - The Shady Lady - Beautiful