Monday, November 19, 2007


I wrote a little "rant" below about whale killing. I have admired whales all my life and respect them for their tenacity to coexist with human kind. But it seems humans just won't let them be. No matter how much time passes, or how much more knowledge we gain by studying them, no matter how much more intelligent we are than the other minions of the sea, no matter how much effort we have made as human stewards to the natural world; we aren't happy to coexist with them. We gotta kill them. We have to maim them and cut them. We have to slaughter them. Its all justified in the name of tradition. Look at the pictures below. Its an honorable way to take the life of an ancient creature that lives on in the face of adversity. Driven to near extinction in the 50's through the 80's, these gentle creatures have finally gained another rung on the ladder up toward a safe population that will ensure their presence on this planet. That is until the pallet's of our oriental neighbors cry out for blubber. The Japanese fisheries see their chance to pick up a buck. Again the killing will start. What the hell is it with Japanese? It's always an oriental instigated killing rampage on the whale in the name of tradition. It's time, I think, for human beings with the larger brain to start using it. Like what's the problem with omitting whale meat from the diet? Where is the ability of the vast reasoning abilities of our Japanese neighbors to be able to adjust to modern times and be sensible about this "Whale issue.". I mean; they aren't willing to allow the whale to live in peace because their tradition demands their pallet's be satiated. I don't seem to observe any problems with the Japanese pallet accepting McDonald's grease burgers in their diet. They seemed to be able and willing to break from tradition for tasty grease burgers. Its all BS!!!! It's the buck for Japanese fisheries. And it's heart breaking and its a crime for the world to sit idly by and throw words of condemnation at Japan. If its fish dollars that drive Japan; then a boycott on Japanese products, especially, fish should be immediately levied. Fast and hard! We, human kind, especially Japanese, are turning the natural world to crap in the name of tradition. Look at the photo's below and be proud to be a human. It doesn't seem to bother the Japanese. After all, the Japanese empire will fall apart if it doesn't get its daily dose of whale meat! Japan can be proud. Actually the photo below is from Greenland. They're smart too. A whale with an explosive harpoon embedded. I can't believe this is happening!