Saturday, November 24, 2007


don't forget to click on the photo to enlarge The photo above is a rare shot of me at my favorite place to take the dogs and to write. I love the ruins. Its quiet and peaceful. Well, it is until Happy starts chasing Douglas and Shade. I just got back today from a motorcycle ride that took me over toward Chilhowie Lake. Chilhowie is a favorite lake of mine because it is pristine and the water is cold. Very cold. It is one of the premier lakes for trout habitat in Tennessee. The shoreline and scenery is unblemished. It seems free from the trash of mankind. Of course, when I beach my boat I can find trash that has been washed up onto the shore. But the volume of trash on Chilhowie is very minor compared to the other more popular lakes near by. Late this afternoon, when the sun was setting, I was compelled to stop and shoot the pictures below. I don't know why, but I value the simple things in life more and more. A beautiful sunset is something I try to engrave into my mind. My eyes scan every corner of the lake and shoreline. I attempt to memorize the colors of the trees and the shade of blue and green of the water. Must be getting old I guess. The pictures at the end are of a little dog that is staying here with my guys for a little while. The Spay Neuter Clinic is in charge of him. They are out of beds over there and this little guy will be here only for this weekend during the day. He has been shot with a shotgun. I guess there aren't enough deer out there. Or maybe he posed a threat to the lives of peace loving villagers. Sarcasm! No animal deserves that. He will be alright. The Spay Neuter Clinic operated on him and removed all the led shotgun pellets. Chilhowie Lake as seen from Route 129 Yes, that is snow on top of those mountains This little dog was shot with a shot gun. He had some pretty serious surgery to remove the pellets. I didn't get a good picture of his injury, but it looks like white fur where the incisions were made to remove the lead pellets. He could have been hit in the eyes just as easily. If you absolutely must shoot a dog, please be certain you kill it. Don't think you are "dusting his hide" to teach him a lesson. Those pellets become infected and fester. It is a very slow, painful death. No animal deserves that. Or just call me and I'll come and get him.