Monday, November 19, 2007


The topic of Whale destruction is something I can't bear to speak of. The practice of harpooning and destroying Whales for the sake of continuing a Japanese heritage is absolutely absurd and totally unnecessary. It is big money. It's all about money. Everything is about money. EVERYTHING is about money. It really gets me when I hear the Japanese say they won't relinquish their practice of eating whale meat. They could give a dam'n!!! It's all about money! Look at what nature has relinquished to human kind. Why not eliminate all whales from the environment? What would they eat over in Japan then? I'm really glad that Japanese haven't tasted Elephant meat, or Whooping Crane meat. I'm absolutely sickened at mortal man's ability to justify the destruction of creatures who have "earned" the right to life. Man is a destroyer of all things natural! The conservancies and the animal activests are facing a challenge that is noble. But in the end all will be lost. Because there is no profit in it......... Sorry. If your interested; hit the link below and read about the "all caring Japanese and their hunt for the protected hump back whale in the name of science"--------------and dinner. And just what the hell is it about orientals and killing fish and stabbing live puppies and dissembowling them before they're dead. Just what is it with them???????