Monday, November 19, 2007


Actually the two "rants" below came before this most recent rant. I shouldn't even be writing this right now. But I'm hot! I am angry! I am very disturbed over this Japanese tradition of eating whale meat and not being able to break from tradition. Its all crap, really. I just am having a hard time understanding why the destruction of an ancient, highly intelligent animal; an animal that has fought hard for its space on the planet; an animal that inhabits a section of turf that in no way infringes on human population in any way, must be again hunted and slaughtered. The reasoning is that its Japanese tradition to kill whales. It was Japanese tradition to commit hari kari too. Are they out there doing it? World might be a better place if they did. Tradition indicates that they moved around in rick Shaw's too. Guess the move to autos was forced on them. They accepted cars pretty quickly. And swords and spears are tradition. Everyone knows what happened when they figured out what guns were. So what's so hard about letting whales alone? I guess the whales are there. They used to kill em. Might as well go on killing them. I mean, they can't buy fish in the store. And then theres that all important item called whale oil. Without that, Japan would crash. They would be without light for their lanterns. Oh, electricity? No, oh no. They wouldn't want to break from tradition by using electricity in place of whale oil. Oh my! Folks; its all bull! I never had a dislike for any group of people. Live and let live; accept when they used to shoot at me. That was a long time ago. But damn --------- I'm starting to get a pain in my chest over these Japanese whale butchers. Tradition my a--. Its fisheries dollars. Don't even get me started on the Harp Seals!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the insensitive nature of my statements and the poor verbage. I should have gone to bed. And as a last note; if anyone thinks they can justify the slaughter of whales; hit the comment box and explain it to me. I'll take anyone to task who has a favorable opinion toward it. I'd like to delve into the mind and heart of such a person.