Saturday, July 26, 2008


click picture to enlarge Just a couple clips of today. copy and paste into browser Today is the last day of my July vacation. The rain came down early this morning; very early. How do I know? I've been up since 3:00 AM scratching chigger bites. I really got into them on the lake camp out. The drug store brand cortisone leaves a lot to be desired. I brought my friends back to the ruins for a late morning early afternoon romp. It will be awhile before they will be able to get out again. You may wonder "why he takes so many pictures of the dogs?" "Always the dogs swimming or retrieving sticks." "Always endearing cute photos." The reason is that I truly love them. And they reflect that emotion back to me in many ways. Dedication is one. They always know where I am when we are out. They come to me when I call, sort of, and they stay close when we stop. They even come to me when they hurt or feel bad. Each one has his or her own personality and I know them well. Douglas, the golden retreiver, was the first. He's been with me since he was about three months old. He is the most dominent of the group and I allow it to be so. He was a rescue dog and spent a year on a TWRA boat with me every day. Shade is also a rescue dog. I found her abandoned on a island in the middle of a lake. She was waiting patiently for her family to come back and get her. Of course they never did. Her "family" removed her collar and let her off and left. I found her on a spur of the moment camping trip by boat with Douglas. Hungry and covered with ticks, I took her home. She was adopted by nice folks in Sevierville. She was dearly missed by myself and the other dogs. Tears were shed. The outings were not the same. Then the lady who adopted Shade called when she read the blog and offered Shade back. I drove to Sevierville and got her back. She is clumsey and needs training but a more loving dog can not be found on this earth. She knows. She knows and show's it to me. And Happy; well, she was in a fenced yard with rescue puppies. She was a little bigger then them and the puppies were tormenting her. I broke her out and let her mix with Douglas. She bonded tightly with me. There are others residing with me both permanent and temporary but these three are the main characters. Many more will come and go as I intend to continue fostering them. So why all the pictures and the clips? Well, someday each one will pass on. Each one will leave a hole in the family and in my heart. I hope to be able to be with each when their time comes and reflect their trust and love for me back to them so that the trauma of uncertainty that each will have can be diminished with my closeness and presence. All these photos represent my selfishness and human frailty. They will face their passing with dignity and resign; whereas I will face it with sorrow and an inability to let go. Hence the photos and movies. It's a human thing. Hold on to everything. My friends, Douglas, Shade and Happy will one by one leave me. My job is to make that passing as comfortable as possible for each of them. It will be my most difficult life's task. Letting go. The rains are eroding the McGee Carson home foundation causing the bricks to fall away. Time is not a friend to antiquity or people.