Monday, July 21, 2008


Scruffy Scruffy, my newest little rescue dog, has a serious hair loss problem that is not due to fleas or mites. I couldn't figure it out. I packed him into the truck and ran him to the vet. They wanted to keep him until 3 PM. I figured this would be a great time to put the Gheenoe in the lake and try to get some Osprey and Cormorant photos. I could be back at the vet's in perfect time. The lake is only ten minutes from the doctor's office. By the way; Scruffy received a sulfur dip bath that sooths the skin and kills anything on it. Skin scrapes were negative so indications are that he is a hyper little dog and reacting to a nervous condition. I was given medication for him and I have complete faith in the doctors at Countryside Veterinary. I am on vacation this week and the first day of that vacation was caring for a little dog. Of course I did make the most of it with the boat ride. I find it impossible to be on the lake during weekends as the jet ski's and ski boats are very plentiful. They turn the water surface to froth. And there are an amazing collection of all sorts of mentalities out there on the water combined with varying degree's of boating expertise. Weekends on the lake can be interesting. For me; it is totally frustrating! But I was hunting for Cormorants and Osprey's. And I found them. By the way; Osprey's are commonly called fish eagles. They are Osprey's. They are majestic, wild and reflect all that has been lost that was once natural. They are our heritage. They appear proud and they ARE proud. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Someday I'll get a great camera that will take crisp, clear photo's while set on telephoto. I apologize for any grainy shots. Click the photo to enlarge This is a favorite rock face I used to hang out around . Beautiful. Well, it was ......Look at it below. People just can't look and not touch. And with people comes the idiot's...... I ask ya; is this not peaceful? What would be a ride on the lake without mimosa trees? Oh; I'm on a spur of the Little River. Remember it from my TWRA days Where am I? Who cares? Reflections The water is like a mirror up here Little River is a quiet, peaceful tributary Little River. It is a river that empties into the Fort Loudoun Lake A face only a mother could love A handsome fellow he is Great Blue Heron Sure don't want to hit that Floating danger. This is what makes night boating dicy at best Mixed up wings. A pair of cormorants took flight simultaneously confusing the photo. Just hanging out I got really close to this cormorant and he took flight just as I pressed the shutter button. The boat was rocking and I didn't get him in the center. But I'll settle for this shot Into the air In Flight Cormorant with wings raised to dry them. He is standing on a snag Their mouths are open to relieve themselves of heat. The frequently will raise their wings open in order to dry their feathers. Cormorants do not have the natural oil secretion that ducks and other water birds have to make their feathers water proof . They must dry out on nature's clothes line. The cormorant brothers preparing for the next show The Osprey..... What a wonderful bird to observe! The lake is a dream place if one just looks around He's watching me like a hawk. Huummmm! Mom airing and drying her wing feathers. He is the King of the Lakes - Accept when Bald Eagles are about The Watcher Magnificent! Keeping a watchful eye Taking Flight. And look at those talons! Floating on air - Literally An amazing bird in flight A Pass over the boat Osprey in graceful flight