Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Ah; night on the lake. The finest sunsets I have ever seen have occurred on these Tennessee Lakes. There is nothing finer than to sit back in a small boat in the center of a lake, get comfortable and just feel the soft evening breeze fan your face and stare at the skyline through squinted eyes and allow yourself to be absorbed into the spectacle that nature is providing. The gentle rolling of the water causes the smaller boats to softly, slowly move left and right. It's almost an imperceptible occurrence. The sun changes from the furnace of day to a red glow surrounded by yellow and orange, the light diffused by the atmosphere which creates a soft violet hallo around the entire vision. And somehow the water becomes totally still; silent; quiet; then dark and mysterious; sometimes ominous; surreal; unrecognizable and unfamiliar. The change can be stark! The sun drops quickly. It can create confusion. It can create miner panic in some and euphoria in others. Sunset on a Tennessee lake is the fanfare and orchestra at the end of a well written and executed play. And night is the final curtain of the show. But it's the best show ever choreographed and will be held over for eternity, and as many curtain falls. click photo's for enlargement Ah Hem!! I think we better go now. The night is coming.... Quick; Hurry home. Night is coming "Over here guys;" "Here's a great spot" Looking for a place to sleep Lava Water