Monday, December 21, 2009


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Look closely at the photo.  Enlarge it.  See what Douglas sees.

Big time hunter!  What is that?,  he thinks.

Looks like something I should chase but, it's pretty big..

Oh well;  here goes

Happy;  what da you think?  No way man;  I'm outa here.

Big bunch of hunters!  No harm done.  They went into the woods where the deer were standing and came right back out again.  They won't chase deer.  I have hammered that into them since they were all very young.
Today is a really nice, sun shine day.  It's about forty degrees out and the wind is light.  It's a cheerful day.  The guys haven't been out for over a week and they really need time to burn off energy.  I will devote the day to them.  My water escape mechanism, the Gheenoe, developed a fuel delivery problem and I had to get professional help with that issue.  I wish I had a garage.  It seems that ethanol fuel and some dirt played tricks on the Honda's carburetors.  It's all straightened out now and she runs fine.  I installed some protective equipment in the fuel line that should alleviate a recurrence of the problem.

As you all know I place dogs on a pedestal and have sacrificed much for their well being.  It is a struggle at times to help them do to the current economical climate.  I am caring for a total of five dogs and two cats now.  I simply can not expand that number due to financial reasons.

Just yesterday I drove over a hill and there were two small brown dogs walking along the side of the road.  I forced myself to look the other way and drove past them.  It broke my heart.  Nights are cold for them.  I  receive emails from dog rescue folks imploring volunteers to help drive dogs across the state to rescue and a safe future.  I can not continue to read the messages anymore.  I delete them when they appear.

I helped deliver three pups through Tennessee and Kentucky last weekend and fuel costs to me were $60.00 out and back.  The personal satisfaction was great.  But I just can not keep it up. The problem of too many dogs can be eliminated if people would spay and neuter their animals.  If you  want a dog;  get one from a rescue organization,  Pet stores have a reputation for buying their dogs from puppy mills.  The puppy mills flood the market and society with puppies, many of which are plagued with poor genes and many are disease carriers.   Enough said about it.  Oh;  one last thought.  A cute puppy is not a good Christmas present.  A lot of thought must be given to that gift of a puppy.  A puppy will grow up and can live for fifteen years or more.  Can the recipient of your puppy gift handle that responsibility?

He or she will graduate from high school and move on to college.  The dog goes where?

Then a move to the big city for work occurs.

The dog goes where?  Then its time to get married and move across the country to the city "out there."  The dog goes where?

These Noble animals bond to their family.  I find it amazing that people can simply discard their dedicated dogs.  Shade, above, was left on an island by her loving family.  No collar and no food.  Yet, she waited patiently for them to come back to get her.  They weren't comming back.   I happened along instead.  It's amazing how little respect dogs receive for all the loyalty they give.  Now;  enough of this.

The waters of Tellico Lake have been drawn down by TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority)

The shoreline provides a good place for the guys to romp and play.  They had a lot of energy built up and are really staying on the move.  A swim is called for occasionally.

I have walked over to the old grave site that lies here in this old park.  The McGees are here resting.  The area is left to nature with no upkeep whatsoever.  The old head stones and markers have writing on them that time is slowly eradicating.

In a few more years all testimonials on the stones faces will be erased and this burial place will be totally forgotten and eventually obliterated.

A fitting end, I feel, to a hearty family who settled here and helped start what is now a prosperous East Tennessee.  They broke the ground and turned the soil to prosper in their own fashion.  And in the end they lay at rest in the good earth they tilled.

It is an honor to settle a land, raise a family and then to pass on and be buried on it.  How often does that occur these days?  Can it occur these days?
Other thoughts are going through my mind as I sit here on this beautiful hillside overlooking the lake.

A flock of coots are paddling along the shore line at the bottom of this hill.  They duck their heads under water or dive completely out of sight only to return with weeds in their mouths.  Why weeds?  I don't know.  But, I'll find out.

Thoughts of Christmas at home in Pennsylvania, the new ridiculous health care bill, work, lakes, motorcycles, boats and the movie, "Avatar", are all receiving attention in my mind.

But, this beautiful spot in the forest I am sitting in is overpowering it all.  The ground is covered with dry leaves piled deep and the trees are standing straight and tall.

The blow downs are all lying at a proper height to invite sitting upon them.  I can look through the trees at Tellico Lake and absorb the grandeur of it.

But best of all my dog friends are enjoying the time of their lives just being and acting like dogs.  Yes, a pretty little spot indeed.

He watches intently. He sees and hears all.  Nothing, but nothing gets by him unnoticed.  Thats my boy.