Saturday, December 12, 2009


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I have to apologise for the poor photography.  I only had ten minutes to snap the pictures and I really hurried.
Every once in awhile an opportunity arises that allows one to accomplish something that delivers great personal satisfaction. That opportunity came for me today. I received an email that stated two dogs, a Yellow Lab and a white German Shepherd, needed transport from Ringold, Georgia to Animal Rescue in Cincinnati, Ohio. Days later, after receiving the email, two more dogs, a Blue tick and a Pointer, would be going also. I leaped at the opportunity to help out. Volunteers would meet at various predetermined interstate exchanges and assume one hundred mile transport legs of the journey that would eventually deliver these dogs to final rescue. These animals would all be dead right now as I write this if it weren't for the efforts of caring, dedicated and super involved people who consider dogs to be precious innocent beings who deserve a chance at the same happiness that they give their owners. What many dogs receive as compensation for their loyalty is a death sentence. The dogs would be transferred from vehicle to vehicle no less than eight times through the states of Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. The result of this well orchestrated effort is that healthy, beautiful, innocent dogs will live their lives in comfort and in loving homes. Their futures are secure and safe. Without this effort they would be lying dead atop mounds of garbage in a landfill.
My leg of the transport is Corbin, Kentucky to Lexington, Kentucky; about 90 miles. That's not too much to ask to save a beautiful life. I was just notified by cell phone that the pointer is ill and would be sent on a later transport occurring in a week. So; we are down to three dogs. Of course, Happy, my navigator, is riding in the front seat with me. I hope she doesn't mind company because the Blue tick will be up here too. This will be an interesting ride.

I was to meet the transport in Corbin at the McDonald's at exit 25.  I went inside and bought Happy and myself a egg McMuffin.  Of course I ate the McMuffin and gave happy the top of the bun and the ham.  Well; and a piece of egg.  The car carrying the dogs arrived twenty minutes later.  The dogs were provided leashes and the folks walked the little guys around in the grass for a break.  I fell in love with the Blue tick.  She was skin and bones.  Who could treat an aristocratic dog like that?  And she such a young dog.

What a beauty!

I can't imagine who could throw this gorgeous animal away.  And;  who could put the needle into her and end her life?

Look at the markings on her head.  No camera can capture the color of her hair.  It truly does have the tint of blue in it.  I wish I had my other camera and more time.  She's a pretty dog.   The Lab and the German Shepherd were beauties too.  I don't come into contact with white shepherds very often.  The lady who came along with the transport said this dog insisted on sitting on her husband's lap the whole way up here from Knoxville.  Had to be right on his lap.  What a sweetheart.  Now, theres a dog deserving to be euthanized.  Makes me sick to think about it.

What a pretty girl!

Labs are a most docile dog.  They are absolutely fine companions.  Of course;  I'm partial to Golden's.  Ah hem.

This girl is a very calm and even tempered.  She slept in the back of the truck the entire next leg of the journey beside the German Shepherd, who I put in a dog cage due to her separation anxiety.  I wanted the Shepherd to lay quiet and the dog cage would guarantee her safety back there.  The photo's below show preparation of the dogs for their ride with me to Lexington.

It soon came time to go and we loaded up the kids in my truck.  The German Shepherd and the Lab in the back under the cap and the Blue tick in the front with Happy and me.  Of course, Happy would have none of it and sat on my lap the entire trip to Lexington.  The Blue tick pooch;  well, that dog stretched out on the passenger side of the seat and fell asleep.  She never moved all the way to Lexington, Kentucky.  A tired little pup she was.

Good luck to you sweet friend.  You're life is about to change.

The drive to Lexington was uneventful.  Everyone slept accept for Happy.  There was no way she would sit beside this new occupant taking up space on the seat beside us.  I enjoyed her sitting on my lap for a hundred miles.  Whew!  She's a little rascal but, great company......We arrived at our next stop ahead of time.  The dogs were watered and loaded into the transport vehicle with the paperwork.  I wished each of them luck and watched them drive away.  The trip is regulated closely and a tight time frame of 10 minutes is allowed for potty breaks and loading onto the next vehicle.  It would be a long drive home but I am gratified that I could help in this righteous endeavor.   It's a day out of my life but I contributed in a small way to saving these wonderful dogs.  Of course;  this could all be prevented if pet owners would spay and neuter their dogs.  There is absolutely no reason not to spay and neuter.  The oversight or refusal to spay and neuter sends thousands of wonderful dogs to their deaths each year.  The rescue center in Knoxville was forced to euthanize over 17,700 animals just this year alone.  It is all unnecessary.  If you want a great dog companion;  go to your local community dog rescue organization and pick out a suitable dog.  Or check out Pet and check out the endless variety of dogs there.  The dogs there are castaways;  given up by uncaring owners who for one reason or another have put their loyal family pet member out in the cold.  Give them a break.  There is definitely a great dog there just waiting for your care and love.  I enjoyed helping out today.  I will do it again.  Hope you enjoyed the ride.  Until next time;  help out a dog.  You'll feel good about it..

I just received an email  (10:00PM) that all dogs reached rescue and are sleeping warm and tight in total comfort.  The Blue Tick has started a special weight gain diet as she is emaciated.  She will be fine and is sound asleep.  Alls well that ends well.