Friday, January 29, 2010


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East Tennessee is bracing for a heavy Winter snow storm.  The worse snow storm down here is an average snow fall in Pennsylvania.  The difference is that the folks here are not used to driving in snowy conditions.  Some have never even seen snow being from Florida and even Southern California.  The Southern states are ill equipped to deal with icy, snowy conditions.  We'll see what the evening brings.  Snow is scheduled to start falling this evening.  Funny thing;  scheduling snow fall.   I decided to stay close to home today and decided to take Douglas to a local trail for some exercise.  We pulled into the parking area of the Lotterdale section of the Tellico Hiking Trail.  I've written about this trail before and this section of trail is where I found the little bull dog terrier named Omondine, who is now adopted and in her forever home.  Wouldn't you know it;  another little dog was there in the parking area.

Where do they come from.  I tried to coax him over to the truck but he would have none of it.  They are like that sometimes.  The trust is gone.  The faith in human kind has dissipated and replaced with caution.  A sweet little guy.  I hope he fares well.

The map at right indicates how the trail runs.  This is an easy trail to hike and good speed can be maintained.  There are some barbed wire fences that must be crossed as the trail leads over farm land and some private property.  It does climb up a low ridge but primarily it stays in close proximity to Tellico Lake.

As usual;  Douglas leads off.  He rarely exceeds a distance further from me than what can be observed here in this picture.

This particular section of the trail goes through farm land and there are two places where one must climb over barbed wire fence.  Not to fear.  See below.

What a great idea!  The steps allow a body to climb up and step over the fence disturbing absolutely nothing.  Of course, Douglas goes under.  That is;  as soon as he figures it out.

The trail is clean.  These forests have little underbrush and the views left and right are uncluttered.

It's great to get away to the woods.  I
spend more and more time out here.  I don't have to listen to cars or worry about traffic.  There is no radio and no Rush Linbaugh, Sean Hanity, Republicans or Democrats.  Just Douglas.  And, he makes more sense than any of them.

Ah yes;  some creative person has a wonderful idea on how to eliminate waste in our garbage dumps and land fills.  No sense recycling when all ya got ta do is toss it out here.  Yep;  back to nature.  And it don't cost a cent.

There are a few charming little bridges that cross ravines.  These bridges exhibit fantastic craftsmanship.   There are no organized funds to maintain this trail which means the bridges have been donated.  Time and effort have been expended here.  Each one is perfection in fitment and design.

I, being lazy today, attached the 300 mm lens to the camera instead of a lens of more practical focal length and, it is not a good lens for general photography.  I had predicted to find some birds but, they have been scarce so far.

These bridges required a degree of dedication to build them a mile back in the woods.
The forest  here consists of primarily Spruce, Hemlock and Oak trees of a variety of species.


The trees are large and well spaced with little scrub brush on the forest floor.  There is, however, an abundant quantity of dead falls.                 Hemlock



Dead falls become soft with rot and eventually are absorbed back into the forest floor providing nutrients for the flora and fauna.  Dead falls also provide food for a countless number of insects and worms that he Downy Woodpecker likes.  The woods is full of Downeys

 The temperature is really dropping fast.  Douglas and I will turn around here and get back.  I've got to stop at a store and buy Bush Beans.  Can't beat them for a storm...

Douglas came running back to me really fast and turned around, with ears up, ran back up the trail.  Now what!
I can see him but I can't see what he's barking at.  His excitement is evident.  Holly Smokes!  Here comes a really irate cow running at him.  Ok;  now I see whats up.

 I snap shot the pictures due to the urgency of the moment.  They leave a lot to be desired.  This is one ticked off cow.  Douglas has never come in contact with a cow and he didn't know what to do with the situation.  I didn't understand why a cow was so upset with him.  Her agression semed out of place.  She brought on the confrontation.  But, Douglas was really undecided what to do about it.

Seems these little outings always turn out in some kind of grand undertaking at some point.  Such is the way things are when dogs are involved.  Douglas is really bent out of shape.  And then I saw and understood the situation.

Yep;  mom was just being protective.  She never allowed her gaze to wonder from Douglas.  The calf is still wet from the birthing process.

I got Douglas calmed down and the mother also relaxed.  She was in a defensive posture though.  A cow attack.  Only Douglas............he is so funny!

We slowly walked away as the little guy faced us in curiosity.  The curiosity didn't last long as mom took him away toward the top of the ridge.

So goes this fantastic installment..  High adventure, daring stunts, dangerous acts of heroism all wrapped up in one blog.
And look who's there at the parking lot.  No;  he won't come to me.  And it's going to be a cold, cold night.