Wednesday, January 13, 2010


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I just had to get out on the lake.   I've been hiking and taking the dogs out for the past four weeks and I decided to do something for me.  There were friends I haven't seen in over a year that work at the North end of the lake so I headed to the town of Clinton to put the boat in the water there.  That end of the lake does not exhibit the pristine landscape and lake views I so often seek.  That portion of Melton Hill lake follows highways and instead of gorgeous forests and mountains;  residential homes and boat docks are the normal fare.  It wasn't a big deal to me as I just wanted to feel the boat skim over the water and let the motor have a Winter workout to keep it in shape.  I had the camera on the seat beside me ready to take advantage of bird or animal situations that might present themselves.  The bird of the day was the goose.  I like geese so I took advantage of the photo opportunities.  

The water temperature was 42 degrees and I sure would hate to fall in.  As can be seen in the above photo;  the surface was calm and smooth.  The Gheenoe slid across the surface without effort.  I noticed a hawk sitting in a tree and tried to work the boat closer but the hawk wouldn't sit for it.

And where would we be without the Great Blue Heron?  They are magnificent birds that really don't get much attention, probably due to their prevalence.  But, I love em.  They appear to be little old men who sit quietly by themselves in solitude.  When disturbed they squawk loudly and proclaim their unhappiness at being bothered.

The above bird was standing in the shallow water near a Heron rookery.  Yes, they roost in trees.  They are communal creatures when nesting.

The scenes along the lake started to show human inhabitation.  Houses, bridges and even a train crossing the lake on a tressel came in view.  And then the geese appeared.  They were in yards and along the shoreline.  There were huge flocks of them.  They are a graceful bird both in the water and in the air.  I photographed them as best I could with freezing fingers on the shutter button.  Please enjoy the pictures.  The pictures require no comment.

Look closely above;  you'll see the goose.

These birds were really moving.  It was all I could do to keep up with them and fire off the camera.

It's difficult to photograph geese flying toward the boat.  They obviously will fly "away" from me.

And away they go

To me;  it's surreal to see the primitive birds merge with the erector sets of human habitation.

The geese appear to be flying off to feed in the meadows and fields surrounding the lake.  I should fly back to the boat launch myself.  I'm getting cold anyway.

This part of the river behind Clinton contains small bits of beauty.  I enjoy traveling over this short piece of water.  And, there he is again.  Our old friend the Heron.

This guy was really perturbed.  He flew away squawking loudly and constantly.  I got a smirk on my face watching him.

It's late;  I'm cold; and I have friends to see.  I hope you enjoyed the geese of Melton Hill Lake.  Stay on the look out for dogs along the road.  There are no "stray dogs;"  only castaway dogs that owners have chosen to discard.