Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have been posting pictures on this blog for a few years.  I have previously not owned a camera capable of great photos until this year.  The camera is a Canon 50D with  28-135 mm, 75-300 mm and a 85-400mm lenses.  The photos on the blog appear to lack the crystal clarity I expected.  However, in my computer they are fantastic.  I am taking the actural photographs at 15 mega pixels.  That produces a picture with sizing of 4800x3650 in the camera.  Thats a large file and can be greatly enlarged.   I checked the properties of the photos on the blog and those same photos are 424x250.  That is email size.  The photos are being resized during upload.  I have photos taken at 15 mega pixels in the camera that are being downsized to 1 megapixel.  Hence;  the less than desirable photos.   With this blog entry;  I am going to upload various photos and post them in a smaller size.  Then when they are clicked upon with the mouse;  I want to see if they enlarge full window size.  Currently, when a photo is clicked upon, it enlarges so big that the slide bar under the shot has to be moved to view the entire photo.  I want to decrease the enlargement.  I don' t know if that will help clarity or not.  I'll remove this test from the blog ASAP.  I just wanted to explain the reason for the inconsistent photo arrangement.

The result of this experiment is successful.  The pictures at the bottom of the page are posted in all sized but will enlarge to the same size.  The only one that is posted at a different size is the otter photo.  It will enlarge slightly larger as it is compressed to 800 x 600.  Excellent reproduction and a neater appearance of the photos.  The blog will assume a new look with the next post.  I'll remove this test entry when I post the next real blog entry.  Whew!  A lot of work.  

This picture is the small version of the actual photo.  It's size is 200x106.  That is not acceptable.  But, I have no control of the size on this blog site

The gull looks clear as a small photo.  This shot is 200x133.  Another small size upload and post.

This picture of the kingfisher is a medium size posting.  The photo measures 320x273.   The original photo is 4752x3168

The gull is a medium sizing.  One more of the beaver and I'm done posting

Medium size

The picture below.  If one clicks upon this shot;  it will diminish in size to exactly what I want.  But I have to post it in the size below.???????????????

The shot below is posted EX Large, but when clicked upon it reduces to what I need.  I don't get it.

This is Tommy.  EX Large posting.  Click on him and he reduces to my desired posting

This is Tommy again uploaded and left as is.  Normally if he is clicked on he will enlarge to full screen plus.  With this particular shot the pic doesn't enlarge at all.  Don't understand this at all.  I may have to give instructions to the viewer on what to do with each individual photo.  

below is a shot compressed and saved as small

Below is a 640 x 480 shot  (compressed)  saved as large

The gull is 640 x 480

The beaver is saved at 800 x 600