Saturday, December 25, 2010

THE HIGH ROAD - A Harley Story

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The high road in the sky was held captive by dark purple and gray clouds that presented a menacing appearance to the beautiful mountain tops, and added an additional obstacle to be overcome by the lone traveler on the gently curving road that graced the tops of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.  Yellow and orange daggers pierced the darkness as Thor’s hammer sounded near this wilderness roadway.  Natures tears poured from the heavens and were blown hard at the lone traveler who was carefully winding his way up this wilderness road.  Nature’s beast was unleashed upon the mountain.  Undaunted;  the traveler persevered  pushing ever closer to the storm that raged just ahead.  There was no sanctuary to seek refuge from natures wrath.  But the rider, himself, was astride a beast of iron.  As he approached the storm he pulled himself down close to his mount and sought relief from the torturous rain that fell in deluge against the shield in front of him.  The big Harley penetrated the storm and held a true course guided by the steady hand of its handler.  On and on  it went with a roar of it’s own that would rival the thunder of Thor‘s hammer.  The Harley’s heart beat strong and demonstrated unending strength as it carried its handler through the worse that nature could summon.  On and on the Harley bent left, then right through a wall of water until at last the purple sky diminished and  shards of sun could be seen penetrating through the darkness.   The warmth felt good on his wet face.  Then finally the rain quelled and the rider rolled the throttle open.  The Harley eagerly responded with a roar and thrust the rider back hard as it put power to the road.  They left the storm far behind.  Blue sky’s with billowy clouds surrounded this high road.  They were on the top edge of the world and they were free.  He let go of the handlebars and thrust both fists straight up to the heavens and screamed “Y.E.S.SSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Total exhilaration!