Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Here's a picture of a proud, crafty hunter after his kill on a crane.  The glasses and hunting garb will hide his identity.   What an accomplishment! 
What joy must fill his heart at this moment!  The Kodak moment that every hunter strives for is the result of years of skill and learned tracking ability,  to seek and outwit the prey in it's own territory.  So much bunk!  This proposal to kill cranes is nothing more than selecting another wild creature to kill legally and collect revenue for that privilege.  Believe it!!
To kill, and I don't use the word hunt,  these beautiful birds is sacrilege.  There is absolutely no honor in it.  The term hunting is not applicable to this bird.   The cranes are totally vulnerable and unable to flee fast enough to outdistance the guns that are trained upon them.  The only chance they have is to fly in shear numbers and sacrifice the birds on the fringes of the flock.  What is TWRA thinking?   Has the crane been put on the hunting roster in Tennessee just because other states have elected to kill sandhills?  Does Tennessee have to kill cranes just because other states do?  No;  that's not it at all.  The reason for the kill proposal is because it's a popular course of action to satisfy hunters.  The disrespect levied upon this magnificent bird by TWRA and the hunting community has and is infuriating me.  I guess it does so because I can see no reason for the killing of sandhill cranes. 

The crane hunt will occur this year.  But, it is essential that the non hunting public be unrelenting in their letter campaigns expressing outrage at the mere thought of killing this noble bird.  We can not let the topic get stale.  Letters, letters and more letters must be sent throughout the year.  A powerful, clear message of outrage must be presented to the TWRA politicians who are responsible for this social embarrassment.  Sorry for the rant.