Sunday, July 3, 2011


"Already the insanity of the world is working on me Douglas.  When that happened,  I'd get you in the truck and we'd just go to the meadows down at the state park and get away from the crazy world.  I miss you Douglas more than anything in my life.  Douglas;  you have got to get on with your journey.  Its not that I don't want to come with you but, I can't.  I'm not trying to forget you.  That's not it.  I miss you so much I'm going crazy.  I've got to stop the tears somehow.  You have to walk away now Douglas.  It's not me that's holding on.  It's you who are holding on to me.  The pressure of your paws upon my chest is unbearable dear golden angel.  It's alright sweetheart;  I understand.  Just jump down off me and walk down the path in front of you.  No;  I can't come.  You have to do this on your own.  You'll do fine.  Pocus, and Pie Pie will see you and help you along.  You don't need protection now dear boy.  You don't need me to watch out for you anymore.  You're safe now in the hands of Mother Nature from whence you came.  You have honored me your entire life, dear little boy.  When I go to pick up your essence, sweet one, I'll treasure the urn for the rest of my life.  You and I will take one more camping trip to Slick Rock Creek.  We'll sit in the chair by your favorite pool and I'll hold you in my lap and talk to you and we'll watch the sun rise together one final time.  I'll never return to that place again;  it was our place.   Then you have got to let me go.  Take your paws off my chest and leave me sweet boy.    Be brave my golden love.  Walk away from me down that lush green pathway that leads to painless forever.  I will be along soon enough and we can be happy together again.  Now;  go."