Friday, July 29, 2011


A day off rolled around and what better way to spend it than on the lake in the Gheenoe?  Folks I know can't understand why I would want to go back on the lake on my day off when I'm on the lake everyday working for TWRA.  I love the water.  I hate the traffic on the roads.  It's simple as that.  I wouldn't trade the lakes, rivers and mountains for any other form of recreation.  It's actually a way of life for me.
 The Gheenoe is really a good boat for landing on these little pin head islands.  These little islands draw me like a magnet.  I like to walk clear around them and look for arrowheads.  I rarely find any though
The island above would be a stop point for Happy and me.  This is really a peaceful spot.  There is a breeze blowing and Happy is, well---very happy.
It doesn't matter which dog I bring; there is still a huge void associated with the outing.  Yep---a void that is golden in color.  I don't want to start thinking about him but, it is so very hard not to.  Even writing isn't as much fun without him.  It was all about and for him.

The garage door works;  yea!

The house or property, whatever it's called, is coming along nicely.  I put a garage door and resided the rear of the house where hail damage existed.  A load of gravel created a driveway to the back of the house.  I'm done for now. 

The driveway's done

New siding is on
I drove to Greenback last evening to pick up my motorcycle on the utility trailer that I left in the driveway and found that someone had stolen the trailer.  What luck!  So, I had to get a new one in Lenoir City.  Then I loaded the bike and grabbed old Sigh and Homer cat.  Sigh has been all alone behind the fence in the yard since we all left.  I carried her to the truck and laid her on the seat.  Homer was another story.  He thought he was being killed the whole way here.  I stopped at Tractor Supply in Maryville for a pet carrier.  He whaled the whole 90 miles over her.  But they are safe now and Sigh has familiar faces around her.
This wasn't in the budget but a necessity
And dear Homer;  Douglas brought Homer home one morning seven years ago and the two grew up together.  Homer is a part of Douglas and I wanted him to come with us to this new world.  He immediately fit in as if he lived here all his life.

I guess I should be home arranging things in the house but, I'm not very motivated toward that venture.  I need a file cabinet in the worse way too.  Hate to go to town to get one.  The stack of receipts and documents on the table with a rock placed on top of them isn't working.  I might get around to straightening things up in a week or two,   if I have time.

I guess I better get back to the opposite side of the lake now.  The sky is getting dark and I wouldn't doubt if a heavy rain is on the way later.  My heart isn't in this today anyhow.  It's just not the same.
This was a nice little stop though.  The tiny island was pretty.  I wish I were in a better frame of mind.  A lot has happened this month.  A lot!
We'll just make our way slowly and enjoy the ride back.
Douglas;  I miss the feel of the soft hair on your neck when I'd pull you tight against my face.  If you can see us, know that our hearts are in pain for you and that we miss you Golden son.  My eyes envision you throughout every day and my hand still falls over the side of the bed searching for your beautiful face every night.