Friday, December 28, 2012


all photos taken with Sigma 120 - 400 mm telephoto lens

These are just some scenes from my office early this morning.  Cold, damp and dark, it was but, beautiful.  By the way - that isn't fog on that mountain.  Its snow.  Gorgeous!

Today was just a normal day on the water.  I thought I'd post a couple of photographs just to document the morning.
That water is 44 degrees.  How do they do it?  The gull above is a Ringed Bill Gull.  The one below a Bonaparte's gull.

Of course, no day on the lake would be complete without a couple Bald Eagle pictures.

An immature bald eagle appeared at a great distance.  I couldn't even make out his features.  The shots are cropped large and have lost crispness but, what the heck.  I got him..

Seems like a study in bald eagles.  I was kept busy with the job this morning.  No one showed early but they sure came out to the lake after 10 AM.  I enjoyed all the company.
I have the urge to get over to Chilhowee Lake and the Scona Lodge site.  Can't put it down.  I guess it will happen on the next day off if it doesn't pour rain.  Snow I don't mind but, rain is out.  See you soon.