Saturday, January 26, 2013


Shade really need to have some serious time in the woods - not on a boat but, in the woods.  Actually, all the dogs need time out of this house.  I had some things to do this afternoon and would have to stop at some businesses and it would be difficult to leave three dogs together on the front seat of the truck while I attended to some things in stores.  I left with Shade only.  Hopefully I'll be able to take the other guys next week.  The destination was the old state park back west where the Cherokee National Forest is, and where I used to live.  That is all open country with very little privately owned property, unlike over here where I live now.  It's been a long time since I visited the "ruins" and I was really excited about the ride.  Many of you are aware of the area in the old, abandoned state park I call the ruins and I won't get into any explanation here.  Type the ruins in the search engine on this blog and  links to a million blog entries will come up.  I've been going there for years and it is one of my favorite spots in the state to take a dog.

I always looked upon this state park as a blessing because it provide a wonderful place to take the dogs.  I didn't have to worry about them getting lost as the park is surrounded on two and a half sides by the lake.  Very few people visit here accept some hunters in the winter hunting season, and they are few.

The old trail "road" was very familiar and it seemed that Shade remembered every nook and cranny that she and Douglas used to investigate back in the old days.  I always wondered how good a dogs memory was.  I would test Shades when we later walked down the road that disappears into the lake where Douglas and Shade used to take a detour through the brush and trees on a little ditch that lead straight to the water.  They would sneak down that ditch and swim until I would get there later.  
Its nice to see that old tree with the hole in the side of it still stands.  How much longer can it hold out?  The noses of many dogs were thrust inside that hole over the years.
The old carriage road and paths that lead to the Carson House ruins provide rustic views.  I hope this place never changes, at least in my life time.

We stayed around the old ruin walls for about an hour.  I wanted to photograph birds but, there were few present other than some cardinals and sparrows.
I've filled up many journals while sitting on those steps in the above shot.
What a sweet moment with Shade.  She really loves me and I find that precious.
We wandered around the ruins for a while and then started down the path that leads along the lake.
I was really curious if Shade would run ahead,  sneak off the trail and follow the old ditch to the water for a swim.

Shade disappeared.   I couldn't see her in front of me.  I could only believe she found the little ditch that she and Douglas used to duck into when they wanted to go swimming.
 I heard the loud splash long before I could see her in the lake.  She didn't forget the old days.
Ok - lets get some water exercise.

 There's nothing like watching a water dog do what they do best.  Shade was thoroughly enjoying the water, more so today than I've ever seen, except when she had Douglas to play with.

I kept saying, "look at her go" out loud.

The hour was getting late and we had to make tracks back to the truck.  It's a long way back home.  I'm glad I could bring Shade back over here.  I wish Happy and Chestnut were here, especially Chestnut.  She is a hound and hounds need to be in the woods and not on the couch.  I do my best.

This is a pretty place and I hope you enjoyed the little visit with us.  We'll see what we can get into next week.  Until then - don't waste one minute of the day.