Thursday, January 17, 2013


Shade the snow dog

What a day today.. I was working around Cherokee Lake when it started to snow and so far - it hasn't stopped.  I've not seen this much snow in Tennessee since I move here.  I tried to get the dogs outside to enjoy some frolic in the white stuff but, as you can see - one in particular was a bit reluctant.
The driveway was totally covered with three inches of snow an hour after I took the shot below.

 Happy wasn't real excited about venturing out into the snow either

Adventuresome Happy 
 Chestnut Hound returns from a short "look around."

Above is the road at the end of my lane.  I know its not like Pennsylvania but, its a real surprise for Tennessee, especially East Tennessee.  Below is my driveway.

Above:  Hurry up Shade!  She wasn't out for long.   I ain't taking that boat out.  Nope!

The temperatures are to fall to 24 tonight.  That means tomorrow morning at 5:00AM, when I hit the road for the lake, will be interesting to say the least.  No - Shade won't go with me.  I can't get her out of the house.