Monday, February 25, 2013


There is a really beautiful old farm that is adjacent to the Beech Creek boat ramp parking area that is home to many, many wild critters - one of which is the wild turkey.  I've never seen so many different "flocks" of wild turkeys on one area in my life.  I was coming down the country road this morning and the turkeys were right on top the hillside that adjoins the little country road I was on.  I had to shoot up hill and didn't have the luxury of choosing my shots.  You'll see the farm fence in front of the birds.  These turkeys like to raid the cattle feeder the farmer has provided for his Holstein cows.  They're flocking to the domestic feed every morning, even though  these birds are very wild.  Notice the gobblers have blue heads.  Spring mating season is coming on fast.
 I counted thirty birds in this flock while trying to find a spot to pull the truck over.

They were on to me and slowly moving directly away from me and would soon be gone.  What a great sight!

I wish Cherokee Lake had some wildlife on it.  I haven't seen anything but crows and gulls.  There's too much development there.  What a shame!  A red tail swooped past and landed in a tree far off to my right.  Seems I can't do any better than long, long shots with them.  Notice his color is dark as compared to the more blond variety of red tail found along the Holston River.  Sorry he's so small in the pictures but, it's the best I could do.

He no sooner landed when he instantly poised himself for flight.  He was ready to take off in an instant.  Notice how he is all bunched up ready to launch.  These are remarkable birds.

That's it for today.  There's a big storm blowing in and I have to throw ropes over the house roof and stake it down - all the boats too.  I'll be on the upper Holston River on Cherokee Lake tomorrow.  There might be some wildlife up there as it isn't as developed as the lower lake.  Thanks for keeping tabs on me.