Monday, July 29, 2013


The girls had an appointment at the doctors this morning for their annual shots.  The only vet service I use or will use is Countryside Veterinarian Services in Louisville which is located back where I used to live.  They have the most modern facilities and methods and use scientific methods to figure out the problems.  My doc, Doctor Webb, is the absolute best out there.  I'm thankful she got good grades in school.  I figured I may as well make this a day for the dogs, as I was fairly close to the old state park.  They were overdue, as usual, for some serious exercise.  The temperature was cool too.  They'd love it.
The old mansion ruins wall is just about fallen in now.  I've been coming here to the old abandoned state park for ten years and have continuously looked at the double brick foundation in amazement and wondered how it still hung together.  No one seems to care about preserving the site so I guess it's inevitable that it fall to ruin.  The old state park and ruins area is about twenty minutes from the veterinarian's office and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to let the dogs have the day.
The old walls look in terrible condition.  This peninsula of land is directly in the foul weather path.  When the storms and tornadoes move through East Tennessee - they swing right by here, up through Greenback where I used to live and continue East. There have been a lot of aged trees knocked down by the high winds here and the old mansion foundations bricks are showing the affects of wind driven rain. 
The dogs knew exactly where they were and set off immediately for the old road to the lake.  I let them go as I knew exactly where to find them.  I heard the loud splashing long before I arrived at their little span of shoreline that they love so much.

All three girls really love the water and it's a treat for them to come here.  I can't do anything with them where I live due to the private property issues.  It's a shame about that.  The boat ramps are the only access to the lakes and they aren't a good place to have dogs running off leash due to the traffic and the human influences.  Thank heavens for the Cherokee National Forest.  No one owns it.
The old dead, fallen tree that Douglas fell off of is still hanging onto the bank.  I thought it would have washed away a long time ago.  He scared me to death that day.
It doesn't take much to humor these dogs.  All it takes is a couple sticks thrown into the water and they are in heaven.  Each one tries to be the first to get the stick and bring it back to me.  Usually all three get a bite on it and push for shore together.  

I like to think that each one of them is trying to get the stick for the only purpose of bringing it back to me, but it's obvious that there is competition between them to get the stick.

Well, two of them have a bite on the stick and little Happy looks like she's about to get hold of the end of it.
Actually, Chestnut Hound is the only one of them that is holding the stick at this point.
Shade is looking good out there.  What a fine dog!

They're having a great time and it makes me elated to know they are.  This is their Disney-world.  
The old road to the lake is on a hill and the dogs display endless energy as they run up and down the asphalt even after swimming and running through the woods, up cliffs and jumping over logs.  I tromp along slow and often stumbling over sticks that have fallen off the tall trees that line the road both sides.  Where do they get their energy?

"Come on Chestnut.  Hurry, hurry.  Good lil girl."

Shade is the last one up the hill.  She lingered at the edge of the lake longer than the other girls.  She's really turning it on as she comes running.
 "Come on Shade - come on, come on, come on.  Good girl, good girl!"

She is very powerful and that deep, wide chest gulps in the air.  I have to remember that she is almost ten years old though and I should start to be more careful with her.  I just can't seem to believe that she is getting old.  Hell - I'm getting old too, and feel it sometimes.

 We took a break up at the old walls.  I never have to worry about the dogs getting lost or into mischief.  They stay right with me at all times.  I'm particularly proud of Chestnut, the puppy of the group.  She, being a hound, should have happy feet but, she stays near at all times.  That's asking allot from a hound and shouldn't be expected.

Shade is hot.  There was some cool shaded spots that she took advantage of.  I gave them all water from my personal water bottle and they relaxed and laid down.

We lounged around in the shade and walked the area just to see what has changed since the last visit.
The old tree that Douglas used to inspect with every visit was showing a lot of wear.  The wind has taken the heavy limbs off the right side and it is appearing as if it's lopsided.  I guess nothing lasts forever.  Its just that I remember how it looked ten years ago and I hate to see the changes occur.

 What a sweet girl!
I took them back down to the lake for a swim and a final drink before we hiked back to the truck for the ride home.  They sensed we were leaving because they were reluctant to walk in the direction of the truck on the way back.  They know - they know.
This old park is one of the most beautiful places I know of and I'm thankful that I had it at my back door for all those years.  Oh well - nothing stays the same.

It's been a really nice morning.  All the girls got caught up on their shots and they had a really great time here by the lake.  Watching them have fun allowed me to have fun.  We had to be on our way.  It was really cramped on the front seat of the truck for the ride back.  No matter.  It's worth the inconvenience.
See ya.