Saturday, July 20, 2013


I took one look at that sky and knew this was gonna be a tough day.  Whew!

  Blue Winged Teal

I gotta see if I can get some help out here.
Its rough, but I'll get through it somehow.
Well, there's dad.  Now, where's the kid?  Oh, there he is.

Guess I'll just have to cruise up this old creek here.  The pressure's starting to get me.
I should be home mowing the grass.  Instead I'm out here.  Geeze!
Even the black crowned night heron is trying to find shade.

Wish I had a boom box so I could listen to some good ole rap music.  Maybe I could pull in Rush Limbaugh out here.

Oh well, only an hour more to go and I'll be out of this boring place and back in civilization.
I can't wait to get out in the traffic where normal people are.  Sure miss it.  Won't be long now though.
Ah - finished at last!