Thursday, December 19, 2013


I wasn't going to make an entry tonight but I thought I'd post a couple shots of two ducks I ran into today on Cherokee Lake.  I have no idea where they came from, how they got here or if they'll stay but, they both were unique, friendly and pretty.  I named them Blackie and Flathead.
Blackie is one of the most beautiful ducks imaginable.  His colors seem to change with the varying intensity of the light.  He's quite the handsome fellow.
These ducks are, well, I'm not sure.  They appear tame yet they are here on this big lake.  Were they cast away Easter ducks or are they an aboration of nature?  They were not afraid so it's obvious that folks have been tossing bread crumbs to them.  They swam right over to my boat and I thought they were going to jump on deck.  

I had to walk back to the truck to get my coat and I remembered the bag of cat feed I keep for critter emergencies I run into in the field. Cat food is great for these guys and will at least give them some protein and vitamins.  Bread won't do them much good.
Who is Flat Head you wonder?
Flat Head is also a gorgeous fellow.  The beak is the brightest orange and he or she is snow white.  So, what's with the flat head routine?  Look below.
Now you get the picture.  I've seen a lot of ducks in my life but none with a perfectly flat head.  I like it.  Different!
The flat spot is not seen unless he is viewed from the side.  

I tossed cat food pellets into the water and they went nuts.  If these were wild ducks I'd never do that but, I doubt they can survive on their own out here as it is my firm belief that someone has dumped them at this dock thinking they were doing these guys a favor.  If these ducks can figure out that minnows are good to eat, they might be alright.  I'll keep an eye on em over Winter.
A flock of geese flew over just as I pulled away from the dock.
The afternoon was hum drum, as usual on this rock lake and Shade and I pulled over on an island to split a peanut butter sandwich.
                                                                      Sweet Baby
 I'd like to know where her deformed ear came from.  Born with it I guess.  It doesn't matter as she's beautiful to me and my best friend.  The ear is noticeable when the two pictures are compared.
Cherokee Lake is a boring place but I hope things will energize tomorrow because I'm on the river in the afternoon.  Maybe some critters will be out.  See ya then.