Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I noticed a movement while Shade and I were sitting in the grass while hiking through the woods.  It was a deer.  She was slowly moving our way.  Shade had her back to her and was unaware.  I wished I had the big camera.

 Then the deer saw us but, couldn't figure what we were.
 Shade turned and instantly noticed the deer.  She stood dead still.
 They stared at each other for minutes.  I giggled to myself.
 The deer bounced once on her front feet.
 Still, Shade was unmoving.   What was she thinking?

 I watched this standoff for over a minute.  I didn't know any dog could be so still and intent.
 The deer dove into the brush to her right and that did it.  Shade did not give chase but, sniffed the area and instantly returned to me.