Wednesday, March 1, 2006


And here is the last major player for the time being. This is the source of meanderings on the great Tennessee lakes. The boat will carry Douglas and myself from island to island and from cove to cove in search of beaver, fish, river otters, water birds of all flavor. We may even discuss the adventuresome and high energy art of fishing. Ho hum!! Depends how one looks at fishing. The boat is a 2006 18 foot Lowe Roughneck , welded aluminum model propelled by a 90 horsepower Mercury four stroke engine. Its top speed is 50 miles per hour and is equipped with depth finder and GPS. It can be beached on islands without fear of damage. It is a strong craft and will be used in all types of weather to meander in. A TWRA boat will be discussed also in this blog as very interesting adventures and meanderings have been undertaken in it. And some interesting storms and lake phenomena have been encountered in the TWRA boat.