Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Route 70 West, Kansas. Going to Wyoming. Friend went along pulling EZ Times Trailer. Yuk! Devils Tower Montana. West Trip 1974 Third week into a West trip on a 1974 BMW. Wyoming (Self Portrait) Eating breakfast with the ranch hands at Wappiti Ranch, Wappiti, Wyoming (1974) The passener. Arizona 1974 Break camp in the morning. North Central Pennsylvania, December 1991. GS BMW Wheel removal to chip out caked on, hard packed sandy soil that stopped the wheel rotation. Obscure cliff dwelling in Arizona (1974) Death Valley (1974) Petrified Forest (1975) Mt Rushmore (1975) Grand Canyon Arizona (1974) Somewhere in the Dakotas (1974) I have always found adventure from the seat of a motorcycle and have travelled extensively throughout the United States in the early years. The above machine is a 1974 BMW R90/6. Never used any hotels. Always camped. Not only saw America, but felt it and smelled it and absorbed it.