Tuesday, March 21, 2006


The Common Loon. Always alone in solotude. Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee 2005 The Sandhill Crane When this group of birds left the ground as one; they sounded like a locomotive. Their wingflaps beat in such a way as too create a roaring sound. Quit impressive! These Sandhill Cranes are feeding in a field adjacent to a marshland area at Hiawassi Stopped at Hiawassi Lake on the way back from Dale Hollow lake a couple months ago to see the Sand Hill Cranes. This fantastic bird enjoys a sanctuary provided by TWRA. They are huge and share this pristine refuge with the almost extinct Whooping Crane. The photos are the best I could do with the camera I had, which is digital. I threw in a couple pictures of the Common Loon which is an extra elusive bird to photograph. Just can't get close to them.