Monday, June 11, 2007


I wanted to go back to the Big South Fork today. I left in the morning and just rambled around North West of Oakridge. I found some fine roads and one in particular, route 127, is a real jewell of a motorcycle road. I picked a couple other roads and one lead me to Bill and Mikes Barber Shop in Jellico, Tennessee. Over a hundred years old. I don't know how much a hair cut is. That is big country up there and I need Kevin along as a guide.
So there we are, laying on the deck of the boat enjoying a peaceful evening and ready to fall asleep to the tune of a rambling brook way back in the cove when Douglas growls. He is staring into the thick stuff. Oh no! I immediately thought boars. Douglas stepped off the boat but didn't move toward the woods. He just stood there. Then a movement and a body black as coal came toward the boat cautiously. I gave her Douglas's food, loaded her up and came home and played pick off the tick for an hour. He is beautiful. What am I going to do with her?
What a sweet face. Who could throw her away?
Douglas and Happy are in for an evening swim. What a pair!
This is a little cove on Chillhowee Lake I found. A perfect spot for camping. We saw a pair of Boar here last week and I'm sleeping on the deck of the boat. No way am I going to risk running in to them again especially at night.